Friday, March 6, 2009

It is time for him to fly....or at least ski!

My life changes today. My husband will take his oldest son on an adventure today. They will give downhill skiing a try. I know they will stick to the basics. But marks the day when my son's world is opened up to the first chance to take on a hobby that exposes him to a little bit of excitement and a whole bunch of danger (in a mama's eyes). I hope Ed has found himself a ski partner. Meanwhile I will work hard in the next few years to strengthen my knee so that I can do a little skiing too. I have a feeling it would be cool family vacations if mama could get her act together and join in the fun with all the boys in her life. This picture is of Charley when he was a wee baby. Look at those tiny limbs....and think of him today around 10 am as he buckles in those tiny ankles to his first pair of ski boots! The boy couldn't fall asleep last night and he was up this morning bright and I hope he doesn't fall asleep :)

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