Saturday, March 7, 2009

Games at Grandma Dorts

Today Charley and I played this game. Bring back any memories anyone....

Growing up our family played a lot of games, especially when we went to my grandparents. We played different games at the different grandparents. Lately, when we have visited my mom and dad we have played a few of the old favorites that we played when we were kids. Now that I am starting to play games with Charley I wonder how my grandma and mom put up with playing games nonstop with three kids that often got whiny, snotty, or silly. We probably got distracted, didn't want to play by the rules, or possibly wanted to quit before the game was over. However, I was raised loving games, playing by the rules, and finishing what was started.

We used to play game after game for hours on end. I love playing games and Charley already can play sooooo many games because it is something I love to do with him. I already see that Charley will play different games at his grandparents' houses. What fun memories to be made as he grows and can play more and more.

Some of my best memories as a child are playing games with my grandparents and family.

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Anonymous said...

totally---how could mom and grandma put up with us? uggg.


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