Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Morgan

It was a moment like this that I completely appreciate the flexibility of my life right now. We were supposed to head home today. However, due to the unexpected arrival of baby Morgan we prolonged our trip a day. This morning Charley and I ventured down to Illinois to meet Morgan. My first niece and Charley's first cousin. New mama and new papa looked great, running on the adrenaline of this monumental event. Morgan didn't open her eyes while we were there. She was bundled up like a burrito. Love that! Her little lips were priceless. She has a beautiful head full of dark hair. Just the right amount! Loved it! Her color was gorgeous and her little head was shaped so beautiful! How lucky for them to have such a gorgeous young lady right off the bat! I wish them rest tonight and peaceful times these next couple days and weeks while they figure this little miracle out! Welcome to the world Morgan! You are loved by many - near and far!


molly said...

She is perfectly beautiful! :) I think she heard her aunt and cousins the day before and couldn't wait one more day to meet them. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved that you were still around to meet Morgan! The Choo Choo really is magical!!!!!!


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