Monday, February 16, 2009

My "Vacation" Begins

This week Ed and I will be taking off for the warm sunshine state of Florida. I am praying the sun shines and it is warm enough to lay on the beach and get a little vitamin D. Ed will have to work for part of his days but they take us out to some pretty fancy dinners in the evening and he will get a little beach time. I am looking forward to reading, walking on the beach, sleeping in, and having time to think about life. It will be a break from blogging, from making meals for the family, no whining, no dirty diapers, no picking up toys, fighting over clothing, laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, and rushing to shower and get dressed while one is napping and one is watching a cartoon...It will be a great break and a great chance to rejuvenate myself as a mommy. This will be my first time away from Henry ...well I was away from him for one night last June. We have our wonderful mother's coming together to care for the boys. I am not worried about the care for the boys. I know they will be spoiled, played with, given so much love, and upon my return I will have two little boys who will want attention that I will not be able to give! But that is okay. This time with the grandmas is so special and they need this change of pace just as much as I do. I am worried about missing them. Since being home everyday is my life now it will be a big challenge to have down time to stroll the beach or lay and think for hours during the day about missing them. So that is what I am worried about.

I also wonder how Henry will react when I return. Will he still want to snuggle up against my chest after nap time and just rest. Or is he going to grow up during these next 5 days and realize that he is a little boy now and doesn't need to drown himself in his mama's scent. That is my biggest fear...that when I return he will have changed. Charley is going to be a trooper and is going to miss us but he relishes in the attention he gets from his grandmas and to have them both here at the same time....the kid is going to be flying high.

So tonight, I am considering my vacation to have started. I spent the day getting the house ready for the moms. I got the fridge stocked. Laundry is caught up. And tonight I went and got a pedicure with my good friend Lynelle. Tomorrow I pick up my mom in the morning from the airport. We will hang out a little in the morning and return to the house around lunch time. Get Henry down for a nap and wait for the arrival of grandma #2. Then I will begin going over all the routines, where things are, how we do things. They can of course do things their own way...but I know I will be able to relax that much more if I feel like I have said all the stuff that is buzzing around in my head. Ed says, that the two of them have raised 6 kids collectively. I don't need to tell them all the obvious little details...but for me, telling them will make me able to relax.

I am almost 95% sure I am leaving my laptop at home. Silly since I finally have a it will be a few days without blogging. That will be weird. It isn't so much that I live so I can blog...but blogging does give me a chance to reflect on my day and it has been such a healthy thing for me. So it will be interesting to not have that outlet for a few days.

This trip is an opportunity for me to grow some wings and fly away from my little birds and for my little ones to have some adventures without their mama hovering. Independence for both mama and boys. It will make us all stronger. Hopefully the Grandmas will take some pictures of the boys and I am determined to get some pictures of Ed and I this trip. It will be our third time on this trip and we have no pictures yet. Silly. Night!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Oh Sarah - have sooooo much fun! Do nothing and enjoy every minute of it. You and Ed deserve this time together. I hope it's everything you want it to be. I'll miss you!


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