Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I feel like...

I am living with an old man that refuses to invest in a hearing aid. Charley was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Saturday. He was miserable. By Sunday he had his energy back and wasn't in pain. Today, seems like his old self...however, he can seriously STILL not hear. I have been less than 2 feet away talking in my normal loud-ish motherly voice...demanding he clean up by the count of 10 etc. And he turns around and says...What? He is not usually the kid that ignores me. And at times I was telling him exciting things or answering his question. So today, I did a lot of loud talking, repeating, and making exaggerated lip movements so he could "read my lips" (Which by the way at one point I was ready to say.) He sat close to the TV and didn't hear me when I said to move back. Poor guy must still be dealing with the ear infection. If it doesn't clear up soon we will be going in because I refuse to repeat and shout everything I say.

Now he wants me to read a book to him, and I hate to admit this, but I have been putting it off. I just don't see how me reading in a normal relaxed voice is going to be heard. We'll see...because who can resist a child who wants to read.

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