Sunday, January 18, 2009

This month's preschool project

So each month we are given a family project from Charley's preschool teacher. This month we were given a cereal box with a blue background. The directions instructed us to build a winter scene for January. So I thought we would use marshmallows. Gluing them would keep Chuck busy for a while. He is getting better at cutting so I drew some trees and a sun and he cut them out. Here is the finished product. I have to say that he freaked me out when I explained what we were going to do and he said, "no mama, I want to glue some clear plastic over it and cut some strips and glue them across so it looks like a window" Holy $@#*! I thought my son was incredible for about 5 seconds until he continued with "I saw one like that at my school!" HAHAHA! One of his friends did this. We almost had breakdown when I explained we were going to do something different. We couldn't copy his friends work. We had to try our own idea. That seemed to please him. So here is our finished product.

I enjoy these projects but I am quickly seeing how some of my students parents might have been annoyed when projects came home. Pressure is on to add something else to your already busy life. Then it is hard to act as a guide..because it is so easy to get excited about the activity, wrapped up into it, and the next thing you know your child has gone off to play and you are bent over gluing toothpicks into some exotic house. Anyways...I look forward to years of projects.

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