Monday, December 29, 2008

The Countdown begins

My Hen Hen is going to turn one on Sunday and so I am trying to savor every moment this week. He is on the verge of walking. And that will mean big changes. People noticed that he has thinned out and looks taller/ longer. All signs that my baby is ready to be a toddler. Just a few days ago he discovered that he can let go of things and stand on his own.

So as the week progresses I have decided I would like to share some pictures or post some pictures (for him someday) of the last year...since I didn't start blogging until recently. However, this xmas one of my gifts was the purchase of my brothers year old Mac laptop. Yes, I have given the Mac world a go and so far so good. I have two books here to guide me through this monumental change in operating my way on a computer. I like it so far and the ease of a laptop, the coziness of a laptop, and the fact that I can now blog anywhere is so exciting.

So I just realized that all my pictures have yet to be imported so they will come tomorrow. For tonight, I am praying that like last night my boy graces me with a full night of sleep. It is time my son. You are soon a big boy who needs a full night of sleep. You did it last night ...not a peep all night. Let's do it again!

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