Saturday, November 8, 2008

Missing His Brother

Most times that I bring Henry downstairs...after nap or a diaper change...Charley hides and we have to find him. He is most likely in the same spot every time but being the mom of a four year old means playing along and letting him believe that you can't find him so Henry and I search. So this morning and all day Henry was craning his neck and looking around for his brother. It made me sad but also very happy to know that Henry is aware of the busy brother he has. It was a quiet day here. We did this last year. Ed took Charley up north during this hunting prep weekend. But last year I was pregnant and uncomfortable. My mission last year was to get all of our xmas shopping done, which I did. This year I am just trying to enjoy this time. It is overwhelming though. I am not sure what I should be doing. I know on Sunday when daddy and Charley arrive home I will look back and wonder why I did this or why I didn't do that. It has been a nice day. We hung out at home and then went to the mall to walk a bit. We had a "fancy" lunch at PF Changs. Henry ate on a plate for the first time. He didn't make too much of a mess there. Tonight my mission is to get my meals made for the meal coop I am part of. I swap meals with three other moms once a month. We have one meal left from October so I will thaw that tomorrow and that is one thing I don't have to worry about tomorrow. If you have friends that want to save time...get a meal coop going...

Okay, getting off on a tangent here but meal group! My friend Sarah opened my world to them. There are four of us. Each month we make four meals to freeze and then swap the meals. So in my freezer I have four meals all prepared and just ready to eat. It has been a blessing on busy nights or nights when I don't want to make a mess of the kitchen or when I want to feel like someone else cooked for me. Anyways...back to the original message.

Henry misses his big brother. Mama misses her son...and her husband. Absence does make the heart appreciate those things in your life. I can't wait for hugs from my two boys.

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