Friday, November 7, 2008

Charley's weekend adventure

This afternoon I hugged and kissed Charley as he packed up and heads to Grandma Charlie's for the weekend. Daddy has to prepare for hunting so Charley is tagging along to get some one on one Grandma time. Though I have been looking forward to the weekend with more quiet time, some one on one time with Henry, and a little space between Charley and myself it is really hard to watch him drive away. What advenutures will he have without me? It is okay though, I do so much with him that it is good for us to have time away from each other to grow, be independent, and gain an appreciation for our time together. This was our conversation as he left:

Mama: Charley you can call me if you miss me.
Charley: I know but I won't.
Mama: Okay, but you can if you want.
Charley: Will you be sad when I am not here. Because you can just pretend I am here.
Mama: That is right Charley. I will just pretend you are here. See ya later. Have fun and be a good traveler for Daddy.
Charley: Bye Mama!

Is that what it feels like when they are bigger and they leave for summer camp for the week or worse college for the semester? Yikes! It will be quiet here. But I need to relax and enjoy this time and I am promising myself that I will only spend a little time catching up on cleaning. The rest of the time is to rejuvinate so I have more gas in my engine when Sunday rolls around much too fast.

Grandma Charlie, Enjoy him this weekend. He is really looking forward to sausage. He said, "Grandma usually makes sausage when I am at her house. Most usually she does make sausage!" HAHAHAHA!

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GREAT blog. loved it.


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