Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We have been caulking...

A friend emailed me this morning asking where I have been. She was missing my blog. What a nice compliment. It totally made my day. My response...I don't know. I guess we had one of those uneventful weekends - which is really actually nice after a few busy ones. Looking ahead we have visitors here the next few weekends with Charley's birthday on Saturday etc.

So this weekend, before Ed left for a business trip to Vegas (again). I gave him a to do list.

1. Put gate on the bottom of the stairs. We have had the one on the top up for a few weeks. Henry beelines it to the stairs if we don't have the movable gate up. So he spent the morning wrestling with this task.

2. Then I wanted him to caulk around our front door. I had a feeling tha a few of the cracks that might have been where some of our spider friends have entered through this summer (ugh). And so he got the caulk and then had to go find the caulk gun. Charley wanted to help...he always wants to help his daddy. So Ed handed him the caulk bottle and told him to hold onto it while he went to find the caulk gun.

Charley immediately sat down criss cross and held the caulk and responded, "Daddy, I will hold it and I will sit right here and wait for you."

Ed responded, "Charley you don't have to sit right there. I might be a minute. You can find a place to put it and then go play."

and Charley said, "No daddy, I will hold it and wait."

I tipped my head and looked at Ed trying to send him the message "Look at your son, he is so proud that you have given him this responsibility." He looked at me like he might have recieved my silent message and continued out to find the caulk gun. Meanwhile, I had to explain that a caulk gun shoots out caulk just like the glue gun that mama used this morning shoots out glue. Our son is getting to the age where guns are exciting, which we haven't even exposed him to guns and he doesn't watch cartoons with them...I think it is just something that happens naturally. (well except when exposed to his Grandpa Bob, Thank you Grandpa Bob.) Okay, getting sidetracked.

The to do list continued throughout the weekend. Didn't get enough done. But that is okay.

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Charlie is such a character Sarah - I love that about him. It's so fun watching him grow up through your blog.


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