Saturday, October 25, 2008

Charley's "Real" Birthday

Charley was a patient boy all morning waiting to open his presents. The first one he opened was his very own tackle box. All day he played fishing with Grandma Barb.

Grandpa and Charley played with his new Leapster.

While the "Biggest Boys" took afternoon naps...

We took an afternoon walk over to Cal's market with Grandma.

I was of course not organized in ordering a cake. So we went on a cake hunt this morning, the day of his birthday. So what he found was a baseball cake. Well I wasn't too excited about this personally so I had them throw a player on the cake...Diego his favorite...but they also added a compass and palm it was a busy cake.

Henry had to make an appearance in his birthday suit in honor of his big brother who turned four!

The evening ended watching part of the movie Star Wars. Ed and I decided he would get to watch this movie when he was 6. But daddy gave mama the look that said, he is ready. Daddy purchased this gift and they snuggled and watched this evening with Uncle Greg and Grandpa Bob. We'll see if there is an issue tonight when it is bedtime. I am really nervous. I really don't know if we made a good decision letting him watch this movie yet.


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

What a fun Birthday! Did he like his leapster? Is he able to do it on his own or does he need help? What a fun day.

January said...

I for sure watched Star Wars when I was only four. Maybe even younger. It was at the drive in theater and I still remember loving it!! I hope he slept okay!



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