Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I will sleep excellent tonight!

My brother has motivated or reminded me that I used to swim....way back in high school. I was pretty good and ....I think I enjoyed it. So he sent me some goggles and two swim caps in the mail and encouraged me to sign up and go for it. So I signed up for lap swimming at the community pool and it started tonight. It is from 8-9 pm so it shouldn't interfere with the evening bedtime rituals. I am really hoping that it gives me some time to focus on myself outside of the house.

Charley has seen the caps and goggles sitting out the last week or so and he knew I was going to my "swimming lesson" tonight. He wanted to come watch but I explained that I signed up for a time when it was dark and he was in bed so I wouldn't miss any playtime with him. He firmly told me, "Mama, don't be crabby when you go -like I was at my first swimming lessons." (He did independent swimming lessons this summer without mom and dad in the pool. He cried the first week everyday when he had to walk away from me. )I said, "Thanks Charley, I think I will have fun."

So tonight...jumping in it was cold! I started out swimming too hard and too fast but figured out my pace after the first 50 yards. I didn't swim for the whole hour but I made it 40 minutes with very little stops. I am not sure how it will affect my body tomorrow but my mom will be here to assist if needed :) I can tell though in the past...cholorine is great for making you tired.

So thanks Greg for motivating me to give this a try. Mondays and Wednesdays for the next 5 weeks! I will keep you updated.


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