Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Henry's a Keeper just like this fish!

Here is the conversation we had today leaving Target and driving to preschool.

Charley: Mama, When is Henry going to go stay with someone else?
Mama: What do you mean?
Charley: I mean, when is he going to go live with another family.
Mama: Well, never, he is part of our family.
Charley: So he will be here for my birthday?
Mama: Yes, he will be here everyday just like mama, daddy, and you. We are a family of four now. Is that okay?
Charley: Sure
Charley: But I don't want Henry to stay with us anymore. He should go live with another family because he is so cute.
Mama: But I would miss him so much. We have to keep him.
Charley: Once upon a time there was a robot.

From one topic to the next. This age is so fun to converse with.

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