Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Husband aka Awesome Dad

I have written a lot about my boys. How they grow and change and continue to amaze me. I have not written about the boy who also continues to amaze me. That would be my dear husband Ed. We met in college, dated long distance, got married, enjoyed life as a couple, and then had children. I have to say that the person who has amazed me the most is him. I don't think he did much babysitting when he was a kid..most guys don't. He is an engineer in and out so he has not interacted with children all that much. But I must say, watching him go from single college guy, to married husband, to father has been one of the most amazing experiences. He is a great dad. He gives the boys a bath - almost every night. He reads to the boys almost every night. He builds with lincoln logs and tinker toys, with very little frustration, knowing that they will be knocked down by mommy or a friend the next day. He comes home each day ready to take over and be there as soon as he steps foot in the door. Both boys look up to him and miss him when he is not here. Henry flaps his arms and fusses loudly if daddy doesn't come right over and give him attention. Charley hides in the same place most nights waiting for daddy to find him.

My point....Ed became a dad naturally and does a great job at it. I could not have asked for a better daddy for my little boys. The role model they look up at is strong, solid, and loves them unconditionally.

As for being married to me. The poor guy has a crabby wife more often than not. And I vow daily to not be crabby or take things out on him but minutes later I snap. My mom was here this past week and she noticed that Ed and I are parents who are like a well oiled machine. Working together on this chapter of our life.

Yes, we should be making more time for each other. Yes, we should be getting out on the town and getting a babysitter, yes we need to be reminded that if we are not happy together our family won't be the best that it can. All good things to remember.

This is a stage in our life that we seem to be conquering pretty well. I want him to know that I appreciate all that he does for me and the boys. We have a great life.

I am really glad that I am participating in life with my husband Ed. I love you!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Wow Ed and Sarah - what a tribute! I don't think there's a better gift you can give yourselves and your children. Keep it up!


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